Aveda Massage at Escape Spa at the Newpark Hotel

Aveda Massage Elemental Nature Massage*

1hour 15min / 1hour 45min

A personalised massage based on the Elemental Nature Philosophy and your favourite Aveda aromas. A variety of massage techniques will be incorporated to create a thoroughly relaxing treatment.

Fusion Stone Massage*

1hour 15min

Experience the aromatic power of Aveda Pure Flower and Plant Essences fused with the sensation of a smooth stone massage. Your chosen aroma will embrace your senses, while the sensation of the warm stones combined with massage techniques will balance, soothe and energise your body.

Deep Tissue Massage*

1hour 15min

Combining relaxing massage techniques this specific muscular treatment will release muscle tension, revitalise your body and induce a feeling of inner calm.

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage*


This personalised massage is specifically designed to unravel the tension knots in your back, neck and shoulders. This treatment offers rapid relief to muscle tension and eases stress related aches and pains.

Stress Relieving Massage


Ideally suited to the "time poor", this express massage will relieve tension and stress in the back and neck.

*Denotes that a 15min consultation and foot ritual is built into the treatment time.